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Baobab tree
The secret to clay jar conservation: Terra sigillata.

Nice read about the ancient clay amforas - what should be called “real” technology of the ancients. Because something looks like “low tech” doesn’t mean that it is. If God is a genius how do you think he would have designed the interface to the Universe? Easily accessible? You need a bunch of strange ways and machines to achieve something perfect? Or.. just the most basic way you can imagine?

Afinador de Piano
Dr. Erasmus T. Hansen
Calle Vereda de Enmedio 51
ES 18010 Granada
Tel +34 648921303
Precios: Afinación de Piano 4-5 horas 80€
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The poet when he is developed reads the mind of the universe, although it very often happens that the poet himself does not know the real meaning of what he has said.

Pir-O-Mushid Inayat Khan

"When I hold my Ud, I do not have a clear idea of what I am going to play. A few moments pass before the plectrum begins to strike the strings softly yet with majestic assurance. At this moment, I embark on a musical journey where the melody is never repeated. I delve inwardly into the depths of my mind, travelling far into the past, into my personal heritage and into history. The human picture, the mental description, reflecting a tradition of thousands of years, and a personal philosophy, combine with the urge to communicate with the public before me. The musical journey followed by the audience and myself wells up from this innermost consdousness rooted in the different aspects of my personnality. The improvisations and my spontaneous musical creation break out in a profusion of multi-coloured shapes and follow free rhythmical patterns, soaring far beyond any limited esthetic framework. Ovations do not affect me although noise among the public does. I love to listen to the music of the Maqiim and to live the pure musical time when I am transported into the hearts of the listeners.


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Giant Redwoods by mrickard5